2018 Legacy Offers Roomy, Techy Cabin

The 2018 Subaru Legacy takes a midsize sedan and makes it feel larger on the inside by providing the roomiest cabin in the segment.

That roominess is augmented by bringing in new, premium materials for a sense of comfort that matches the stylishness of the vehicle.

Subaru designers also scored a home run when it came to building quieter cabin for less road noise. Advances in the air conditioning system also help cool the car more quickly.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto provides increased smartphone connectivity to the Legacy’s infotainment system. An 8-inch color touchscreen serves as the control point where all the multimedia comes together.

Smartphone connectivity brings hands-free voice calls, mobile app integration and audio streaming. Intuitive voice commands make using the system easy, which allows drivers to keep their attention on the road.

Apps pairing with the Starlink multimedia system include Magellan NAVI for cloud-based mapping, Yelp, eBird for local bird watching locations and sightings, and RightTrack, which delivers recommendations based on driving habits.

Top-of-the-line models feature TomTom turn-by-turn navigation with three years of free map updates.

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