Subaru Named Top Brand For Maintaining Residual Value

Subaru Crosstrek

Subaru received honors for manufacturing vehicles that maintain its long term value, the fifth time it has received the distinguished industry accolade.

ALG, an analytics division of TrueCar, named Subaru as its 2021 Top Mainstream Brand for Residual Value. Subaru has received the top brand every year since 2016.

“Subaru has a proven track record when it comes to industry-leading residual values and the brand has shown consumers that their strong vehicle line-up is supported by vehicles that hold their value,” said Eric Lyman, chief industry analyst at ALG. “, Subaru earned the top spot in the Mainstream Brand category for the ALG Residual Value Awards as a result of their class-leading and balanced portfolio, winning in four individual segment categories with the Impreza, WRX, Forester and Crosstrek.”

ALG Residual Value Awards also recognized vehicles from 29 auto segments. Each vehicle is predicted to retain the highest percentage of their Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price after a three-year period.

They Subaru models included:

  • Impreza – Best Compact Car
  • Forester – Best Compact Utility
  • Crosstrek – Best Sub-Compact Utility
  • WRX – Best Sports Car   

“Time and again, car-buyers choose Subaru for the safety, reliability and value that each vehicle promises,” said Thomas J. Doll, President of Subaru of America. “Customers know they can count on Subaru vehicles to last through the seasons of their lives.”

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